Episode 63 – Merry Krampus!


Hey all you out there in internet-land!  Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays are coming at you a day early from the busy podcast-monkeys over here at To-Ag Studios!  Join us this week as we discuss crazy Christmas traditions from around the world, a few of our own, and most importantly – The Second Annual MITC Gift Exchange!!  That’s right!  We’re once again trying to see who can embarrass who the most, so finish up that last minute shopping, throw another Yule Log on the fire, and be sure to leave some cookies and milk out tonight for whoever might come down the chimney and enjoy a new episode of Monkey in the Cage!

(02:08) – To get ourselves in the gift giving mood, we start off with a discussion on some of the best/worst holiday traditions from around the world! – Krampus, El Caganer, Caga Tió, Befana, and Japanese KFC!  Plus, Seth Grahame-Smith’s Unholy Night!

(14:38) – Ramses leads our stomachs (and discussion) down the path of random food for the holidays! – Jones Soda, Pickle Candy Canes, Holiday Pringles, and the notorious Fruit Cake (with musical interlude)!

(18:50) – We’re cutting to the chase, because we’re greedy evil bastards.  Gift Exchange Round #1 – The Winchester Brothers, E.T., Barbie Horse Adventures, Trapped in the Closet, and Captain Maul / Darth Mal.

(33:43) – Gift Exchange Round #2 – Japanese “Hugging” Pillow, Jersey Shore, Grip ‘n Grab, Magic Mike (with special Channing Tatum glasses), and the Rankin/Bass The Hobbit.

(46:11) – Gift Exchange Round #3 – Spawn of Satan Baby, 5-Hour Energy, Energy Sheets, There’s No Place Like Home, Freak Show, Blue Moon, and The California Raisins!

BEHOLD!  The Gallery of Freaks and Gifts!!

Closing Song – Merry Christmas – written and performed by R. Kelly

. . . . .


5 thoughts on “Episode 63 – Merry Krampus!

  1. *lol* I never realized how awkward Krampus tradition really is. Thanks for reminding me. 🙂
    Some clarification: Actually Krampus’ good counterpart is (St.) Nikolaus who arrives on Dec 6th to bring sweets to good children. Our “Santa” however is the “Christkind”, some fragile child-like angel who somehow manages to bring presents without being seen. It’s actually very difficult to maintain Christkind tradition while in TV and movies everything is about Santa Claus. But I think the children don’t mind as long as there are plenty of presents under the x-mas tree. 🙂
    Merry christmas, everyone!

  2. Yup, Kentucky Christmas is super big over here. I have to suffer through seeming endless TV commercials of wide-eyed, overly happy kids in santa hats biting into a fried chicken leg in slow motion this time of year. It’s not just the regular fried chicken though, KFC does whole roasted chickens too.

    I’m pretty sure I’d give Ramses a good run for his money with that Jersey Shore Trivia Game. After dealing with the stupidness that is Japanese TV, sometimes I need to kill brain cells with stupid American TV.

    Despite her, *ahem* position, Matt’s anime girl body pillow is indeed tame compared to some others I’ve seen. The new fad (if it catches on) is silicon gel inserts you slide into a special pocket in the pillowcase so that your pillow girl will have “real” breasts. :\ Weird. Still, that’s probably the closets some geeks will ever come to feeling the real thing. 😉

    Merry X-mas guys!

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