Episode 37 – San Diego Comic Con 2012 Survival Guide

It’s almost here!  We’re just over two weeks away from international Geek Mecca, San Diego Comic Con 2012!  The panels, the parties, the comics, THE SWAG!!!  We can’t wait to get out on that show floor and tear it… oh yeah, we weren’t able to get passes this year.  BUT WAIT!  We know people who did!  Join us this week as we are joined once again by The David, our Comic Con guru, as well as the oft mentioned “The Girlfriend” (aka Amanda) as we discuss some tips and tricks for surviving four days at SDCC, both inside and out.  Gas up the Batmobile, pack extra underoos, and watch out for hobos (true story) as we prepare for four days of awesome geekdom on a whole new episode of Monkey in the Cage.

(01:50) – Ramses has a mixed TV viewing experience this week. – Burn Notice Season 6 and The Haunted Collector.

(05:15) – Need a sweet ride for when the pesky Zombie Apocalypse comes?  Karen has the wheels for you! – Hyundai Zombie Survival Machine

(08:03) – The David is addicted to Skylanders and judges his daughter for it, so he makes her watch Breaking Bad (not really) and Workaholics (probably).

(14:02) – Robert reveals his love for Jared the Intern‘s 31 Days and loves him the awesome absurdity that is Leverage.

(16:26) – Taken 2, “The Takening,” has Amanda excited beyond belief and she educates the group on The Legend of Korra.

(20:55) – Matt takes a page from Ramses playbook and issues a challenge of epic proportions. – Deep Fried Cereal and The Black Magic Pancake.

(25:14) – We discuss Disney Pixar’s Brave and childhood trauma.  Plus, Maleficent.

(28:45) – It’s topic time! We start it off with a talk lodging experiences and SNAFU’s, parking and public transportation, and the extra special non-Con craziness.  One word, Hobos…

(37:45) – If you are going to be around people, wash yo’ ass!

(39:00) – We provide a PSA for those with badges of the illicit nature, shady job opportunities and we talk about the Gaslamp Quarter events outside the convention. – Questionable Craigslist Ads, Nerd HQ, and we hate on Tr!ckster.

(48:10) – We’re talking Frankenweenie, Conan O’Brien, and the random awesomness from Danny Trejo to Cross-Country Cookout.  Plus, themed restaurants!

(52:39) – The David talks about the Haunted Hotel, we talk about The Walking Dead Escape, Zelda in concert, Air Guitar Competitions, and Rob Zombie’s “Dawn of the Con.”

(57:17) – Other “outside the Con” events include the San Diego Zombie Walk, live Nerdist Podcast recordings, an Aquabats show, and Hollywood Babble On.  Plus, superhero pub crawls and a discussion on questionable meet-ups.

(1:00:50) – We talk about possibly the best panel at the Convention, courtesy of Adult Swim and we discuss our tips to make the most of your adventures on and off the Con floor.  Also, meet Robert at The Field.

Closing Song – Playdough written and performed by The Aquabats

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  1. I think the girlfriend guest (Amanda) was vivacious and full of life. Love the bubbly personality. She’s a keeper on the show. : )

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