Gamer vs. Non-Gamer – The Married Life

Considering the fact that I just had my fourth wedding anniversary, I’m dedicating this post to my wife, Nikki, for putting up with my crap so far.  Boy did she not know what she was in for!

So, I was a table-top gamer well before I met my wife.  Thankfully, this fact did not impact our relationship in the slightest while we were dating or through the first four years of our marriage.  Even better, she has been extremely supportive of the time, energy, and financial contributions related to the Monkey in the Cage Podcast Experience (it’s just like The Jimi Hendrix Experience, but with less guitars and not quite as many psychedelics).

Personally, I find it great to have her support while simultaneously I find myself being extremely upset over the fact that I suppressed this part of who I am in the past – following pic related:

He asked what my favorite video game is!

I find that we at Monkey in the Cage are all lucky when it comes to our gaming/relationship dynamics.  Karen and Ramses are golden, as they have been gaming together for as long as I’ve known them, while Robert’s “The Girlfriend” is proud of her geek and gamer roots as well.  My wife herself is an über-geek and probably more than anyone I know outside the podcast, she is fully primed to sit down, roll up a character, and start laying down crits on the next baddie to come through the dungeon door.  However, I just can’t seem to get her convinced.

Now, granted, she will be the first to admit that her gamer street cred is stuck in the late 80’s.  While she assures me she used to bring it old school, serving Goombas and Koopa Troopas like the Illin’ Lame-O’s they were, it pretty much stops there.  Aside from the occasional sit down of Little Big Planet, or her tearing it up at Plants vs. Zombies, I just can’t seem to convince her that she would really get a kick out of pen and paper RPGs.  I’ve compiled a list of all the in-roads I see leading her to my favorite past-time, and i present them to you, the readers, for review:

  • She is a huge fan of literature – From J.R.R. Tolkein, C.S. Lewis, and Shakespeare to Lemony Snicket, Alice in Wonderland, and The Hunger Games, she enjoys all sorts of storytelling with a particular love for the fantasy genre.  She also liked The Twilight Saga, but i don’t hold that against her (too much).
  • She loves pop-culture – A fan of The Guild, Joss Whedon, the Whedonverse, comics, Comic-Cons, Television Shows (LOST, The Vampire Diaries, Being Human, Supernatural, etc.), she’s more plugged in to what is popular and relevant on and off television than I am half the time.  If it’s not dude’s hurting dude’s or stuff blowing up in 30 to 60 minute increments, I’m usually checked out.
  • Did I mention she LOVES pop-culture? – So much so she wrote her Master’s Thesis on Buffy the Vampire Slayer, is studying Mythology (hello, monsters??) and Depth Psychology (archetypes = character classes, right?) at Pacifica Graduate Institute (She’s waaaay smarter than me) with a heavy emphasis on pop-culture, and recently did a presentation on zombies… IN GRAD SCHOOL…  And to think I spent my undergrad working on Nazi Medicine
  • She enjoys gaming – Like I mentioned before, she enjoys video games when I’m not being selfish and playing Skyrim and she absolutely loves social gaming like board games.  Be it Scrabble, Apples to Apples, or a zany round of Munchkin, she’s in.
  • She’s actually played Dungeons & Dragons once – Many moons ago, when we first dated and before she dumped my for being a typical 22 year old guy (read: jerk), she humored me and rolled up a 3rd edition Monk for a one-shot with my sister and brother-in-law.  She settled right in and played with little newbie hesitance, and gave a solid Danica Bonaduce vibe with her role-playing… then she dumped me…

On top of all of this, and without getting too in-depth, she totally understands my use of gaming as a form of positive escapism and recognizes the benefits it has.  She’s tried to argue with me that “it’s not her thing,” but, being the stubborn Dwarf that I am, I refuse to take no for an answer.  With the multitude of game systems and settings out there, I’m sure there is something out there that will give her the RPG bug, yet, not even the Buffy RPG seems enticing enough… WTF!  Oh, well.  At least she supports me and my gaming addicti…. er, hobby, so what more can I really ask for?  Oh, and IN YOUR FACE, ROBERT SKAGGS!

What is better than wisdom?  Woman.  And what is better than a good woman?  Nothing” ~ Geoffrey Chaucer, The Canterbury Tales

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  1. Who are the people holding the ‘In Your Face Robert!’ sign? I apologize ahead of time if I should know already.

  2. That would be my wife with Joss Whedon, right after he autographed her Master’s Thesis on Buffy. When I mention Joss earlier in the post, it links to a normal picture of the two of them. I’ll save the story behind that autograph opportunity for another time.

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