New Year, New Game

The brilliant minds over at Gnome Stew have offered a challenge to GM’s:

Run a new game this year!

Their reasoning behind the challenge is, “To inspire game masters to run at least one new game each year, because trying new games broadens your horizons, challenges your skills as a GM, and can deepen your enjoyment of gaming as a hobby.”

I have to say I love this idea!  I cut my GM teeth on AD&D 2nd Edition, had a very short stint running a Buffy RPG (stop, snickering), and currently run a World of Darkness campaign, more specifically Hunter:  The Vigil.  While my experiences as a player are a little more varied, I have to admit that the list is not much longer.  D&D and WoD are two very different games.  I was drawn to the WoD game because of it’s storyteller game system and at heart I am a writer that uses games as vehicles for my ideas and WoD seems to fit that well.  My players on the other hand enjoy the dice-rolling more than I do and a 10 D10 dice pool  doesn’t always scratch their polyhedral itch.  So, I encourage the GM’s in the group to run their own games as well so everyone can be satisfied.

All that being said, I wrapped my current WoD storyline back in September, we played a few D&D 4E sessions with Robert where the group failed to find a groove, and we’re now waiting to start Matt’s home-brewed Society of Odin campaign… and if you listened to episode #13 you know how that’s coming along ;-).  So, what does that mean, folks?  We ain’t playing a darn thing right now and this girl is anxious!

But there are good things on the monkeys’ horizon.  Matt will get his game going soon… new game #1.

Ramses has had his eye on Mouseguard for a couple months now… possible new game #2.

I’ve politely demanded asked Robert to run a Shadowrun campaign… possible new game #3.

And what about me?  Well, while I am attached to my current story,  I am not opposed to maybe running a Pathfinder campaign… so that would make new game #4.    And despite the announcement of D&D 5th Edition being developed I could always try my hand at 4E… you know, since I turned into a rabid consumer and bought so many of those darn books and miniatures!

Change is good.  Playing is better.  So let’s do this, monkeys!  Oh, did I mention that if you submit your new game ideas to Gnome Stew between now and January 23rd you could win some nifty prizes?

Go to Gnome Stew for all the details and game on!


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  5. Don’t knock Buffy RPG’s. Everyone needs to start somewhere and then evolve and that was a good a starting place as any. I still remember some brilliant times (although I probably wouldn’t bring them back if I could). That said, bring on D&D 5th. Don’t forget the other side of the coin as well. TheBorderlands 2 release date has been announced as 18 Sep 2012. The orignal was a game changer for me and expanded my gaming repertoire. The second one looks even better. Check it out.

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