Episode 4 – Modern Living and Gaming – Finding Time For the Hobbies We Love

We sure do love gaming and we know you love it too, but what happens when those minor annoyances like jobs, bills, relationships, kids, etc. get in the way of you pursuing your geek passions?  You smite them down like the bad-ass paragon of heroics that you are and sally forth onto the next adventure!!! Or, you know… prioritize the things in your life and be sure to make room for everything, especially gaming!  This episode, we talk about the ways we try to squeeze out a little time each week to spend time on the geeky passions that help make us who we are.  So make a little time this week to take a listen, you might learn something… but probably not.

*(00:40) – So many games, not enough time, but Robert is a PS3 multi-tasking fiend!  Batman, Battlefield and Dungeon Defenders, oh my!  He even squeezes in time for reading Y: The Last Man and The Walking Dead.

*(04:46) – Ramses continues to bask in the glory of his Star Wars birthday!  From the new season of The Clone Wars to limited edition Hoth Blizzard Force and Superstar Rebel Alliance Adidas, he “represents” half the podcast crew’s childhood geek roots.  It also leads to a brief and confusing debate on clone murder…

*(08:35) – Plants vs. Zombies anyone? Apparently, whereas Matt is the embodiment of the game’s crazy neighbor, Karen has become a pro at the super-addictive and quirky strategy game… 5 times over on multiple platforms.  It’s great for baby-sitting too!  Way to go, mom!! Legal Disclaimer – Zombies are usually no substitute for responsible parenting and are only sub-par for the purpose of child care.

*(12:08) – Matt continues to excel in lackluster mediocrity playing Battlefield 3 multiplayer and gets the cold shoulder from Robert.  Not to worry, though, as his war-minded neighbors have helped him to rise to the occasion in Empires and Allies… it’s Farmville with tanks!  Plus, Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim comes out this week and while Matt is eager for the release, Robert isn’t, and he hates Bethesda.  E-mail your hate to him asap.

*(17:45) – Robert and Karen love the new audio hardware, Ramses finally beats Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood just in time for Assassin’s Creed: Revelations, and Matt is a perma-borrower (it’s the nice way of saying unintentional thief).  George at The RealmCast is going to send Jack Bauer himself to recover some 24 DVDs one of these days.

*(20:18) – It’s topic time!  Karen talks family and priorities and we have the revelation that our own podcast is the product of not having enough time to do things.  Wrap your brain around that one!

*(22:14) – TV and the Internet are the most enjoyable momentum killers ever and practice makes for a better GMing and gaming experience, even when the time isn’t there.  Getting older sucks and sleep is overrated.

*(28:11) – Got a job?  Like to game?  Guess what?  That means you’ve got two jobs!  You work to pay bills, so why not work to play games? Prioritize, overcome one obstacle at a time (unlike Matt), or neglect everything BUT your hobbies (exactly like Robert)!  You work hard, so you should play hard, just like the the Steel Mill workers on The Simpsons.

*(31:49) – Game creation and Newton’s First Law of Physics  Be it a new game or the same one year in and year out, getting the ball rolling on creating your game is one of the most difficult tasks for a GM.  Our solution?  Flowcharts, organic storytelling and the x-factor that is the players.

*(39:00) – We love television and movies.  You love television and movies.  We all love and hate how much time it takes to watch television and movies.  Ramses watches The Ultimate Fighter in 45 seconds while Matt will channel surfs for hours on end.  His wife hates it, and will hate it even more after Matt’s apologetic confession.  Good thing she listens to the podcast, jackass!

*(42:21) – Video games can bring instant gratification or prolonged entertainment for an eternity.  Matt throws up the smoke and mirrors as he defends his inability (or lack of desire?) to finish most video games he starts. Despite your love for Dungeons & Dragons, game developer’s have kids too, Matt!

*(50:20) – Animal Crossing anarchy is a figment of Matt’s imagination, Robert reveals a Calender Man trophy cheat in Batman: Arkham City and we talk crazy trophy and achievements (and the underwhelming sense of accomplishing them) on PS3 and xbox 360.  Pity Robert’s girlfriend…. alot…..

Closing Song – Zombies on Your Lawn – Composed and Performed by Laura Shigihara


8 thoughts on “Episode 4 – Modern Living and Gaming – Finding Time For the Hobbies We Love

  1. I enjoyed your podcast! I’ve been trying to make room for all of my hobbies, and this was a reminder to just do it, make time to sit down and work on stuff or it will never get done. I’m running a D&D game, trying to work on another game, recording songs, and I told a friend I would write and illustrate a comic short story. Gotta get cracking!

  2. Glad you enjoyed it!!! I realized after recording that my tendency to channel surf comes from not being able to decide on which passion to pursue. I’ll get indecisive about whether I should write an adventure, read the.next book on my list, work on my Warhammer army, etc. so I’ll grab the remote and I’m stuck. The podcast keeps me “in it,” so hopefully it’ll get that ball rolling more often and for longer stretches. Thanks for the feedback. Keep listening, and remember to tell your gaming friends about us!

  3. Eodrid, thanks so much for your feedback! It means a lot to hear from our listeners. And you’re right, you gotta get crackin’! One thing I do to keep myself on track is to imagine how awesome I will feel once I’ve finished something then chase that accomplishment high. Best of luck to you! =)

    Matt, that is resistance! I am telling you you have to read War of Art, I finished it a few days ago if you’d like to borrow it. However, if it just becomes a book in your “To Read” stack it won’t be able to work it’s magic on you!

  4. Time management is something that I’ve been talking a bit with some people lately. Often it isn’t that we don’t have enough time, it’s that we don’t use it smartly! Pick an errand day and do all of your “around town” errands on that day, as opposed to having to go out multiple times a week just to get the things done right away. Same with emails (big one for me), I had to create office hours where I would respond to all emails in the morning and then again in the late afternoon. When new emails come, they go straight to my phone and the ability to check it right away is a stress relief, BUT I don’t have to respond right away. The need to respond right away to remove this chore from my plate may seem like it’s an “on top of it” thing to do, but it just means I stay plugged into work indefinitely….

  5. Oh God forcing time to complete things. Ever heard of a little game called Culdcept? All 50 Medals here. I don’t even want to go into Disgaea.

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